Just Keep Swimming.. Just Keep Swimming..

Did you just sing it? Are you still singing it? Good. My job here is done. High five me you Disney nerds and continue being awesome.

So, why the quote from everyone’s favorite Disney character? Because in a way its something I have to tell myself everyday. For those 3 followers of mine, first off, thank you. And second, if you’ve seen all my posts you know what’s happened within the last 6 months. And truth be told, there are days that are just way harder to handle than others, but that’s normal right? You’ve heard of sympathy weight? Have you heard of grief weight? Some that experience, experience it in retrograde, and LOSE weight from being so sad.. Well, damn you people. I am, what do they call it, eating my feelings, and as my waistline suggests, I have A LOT of feelings.

Why am I telling you strangers this?

Because, Like I said in my first blog post, this is my diary, to vent and talk. And if you listen, you may be just as lost and crazy as I am. And I applaud you.

Anyways, moral of the story, life is hard, and food makes it all better.

If anyone out there reading this has grieving tips, or the best way to lose grief weight, I am all ears!

Thanks for reading



This is a Man’s World

Yes, indeed it is.

I work at car dealership, primarily in the service department. I am SURROUNDED by men, and a few BOYS. A semi-attractive girl walks into the store, and suddenly, I see 7 guys with their jaws dropped, STARING at this girl. And here I am, disgusted and wish she would leave just so these guys would go back to what they were doing. Have you ever seen a man stop in mid conversation to look at a girl?  I have. It’s pathetic. There are a few ladies here at the store with me, but I hardly see them and there’s really nothing we could do about it.

Anyway, that is my rant for March about drooling boys. Thanks!

Why the Radio Just SUCKS

overplayed-music. overplayed-music

Okay, so you get the point. And there’s no denying, we have ALL done this. For example, the first one to come to my mind, Call Me Maybe. It’s upbeat, catchy, makes no sense, and we all rock our car dancing moves when it comes on.  I work at a car dealership. We listen to 80’s music on Sirius XM radio. Sure, there are no commercials, but its an endless loop of the same stuff over and over again. Some of my personal favorite 80’s songs include: How Will I Know by Whitney Houston, St Elmo’s Fire by John Parr, and what’s playing at this very moment… AGAIN, Our House by Madness. These are just a few examples of songs that I love, but wish would die a horrible death when I’m at work. 3472-enough!

The radio is a mean, mean thing that can turn an amazing ballad, into “Oh my God, this song is on again?!” Thank you for letting me rant. That is all.

How Much Loss Can a Person Take?

This may be a little heavy for a 2nd post, but it’s like a diary for me. So, here it goes. On December 15, 2014 I lost my grandmother. It was sudden, surreal, and heartbreaking. The family, even now, is not the same. And I know we never will be. That was my first big loss in my life.
Until January 10, 2015, when a tragedy struck my town. http://m.kcra.com/news/chp-wrongway-driver-kills-3-on-i80-in-sacramento/30630430
3 kids. 2 of which I was close to for about 5-6 years. Tragically killed. Also a sudden impact. In the past month and a half, I have lost 3 people that meant the world to me. It’s a lot to process in so little of time. Trying to push through the negatives and push for the positives… ❤️ thanks for letting me vent




Let the Blogging Begin

Well, here it is. My first blog post. I guess I should start by introducing myself.

Name: Sydney


Age: 20 years young

Profession: Aspiring Medical Assistant, currently working as a Receptionist

I am engaged to my best friend Austin

1097389_10201269152548916_255024099_n 10711563_10203969550897187_57457872_n936689_10203781468435243_7237361241699626809_n

Yes, I am a typical 20 year old. I am a poor adult with BIG ideas for the future (with the right amount of money in the bank).

Now, why the blog?

Because my diary wasn’t doing enough for me. And… my mother is a somewhat famous blogger, and I share her witty sarcasm. Then again, she is an English major… and an author. I don’t stand a chance being as funny as her, but, its worth a shot… right?